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Sunny Days.


I know I’ve been really lax on the blogging front recently, but to be honest I’ve been very lax about everything that doesn’t involve spending as much time as possible outside in the glorious sunshine we’re having here in South Yorkshire at the mo.

We’ve been on walks, eaten picnics, had lessons in the park, camped out overnight, spent lots of time in other people’s gardens ( we only have a tiny yard), had a sneaky afternoon in the pub beer garden and a day out at Hemsworth Water Park.


We’ve seen geese standing on one leg, ducklings with their Mum and an inquisitive plump hedgehog! 


The sunsets have been magnificent.




And there’s been lots of time for some lovely al fresco crochet! 


And that’s it…a short but sunny post this time, keep watch though…I’ve got some interesting news coming up soon.

See ya

Em xx

Zombies and Tennis Anyone?


There’s nothing much can beat a summer weekend when there’s nothing much to do except relax and enjoy the sunshine.

Evie spent most of the weekend chasing around with Hermione and some friends, soaking each other with water pistols or squeezy bottles filled with water, which is what we used for water fights when I was a kid! 

Me and Scott spent sometime painting at the village studio ‘Les Cadeaux ‘, we went to see ‘World War Z’ and we spent all this afternoon watching Andy Murray win Wimbledon! 

World War Z was a really good film, I wanted to see it because I love anything with zombies and as I read the book recently it made me want to see it all the more.

I really, really enjoyed the book but couldn’t see how it would translate into a film as its just a series of interviews with survivors of the zombie war, but if you haven’t read the book or you can detach yourself from it and accept the film  as a story in its own right then it’s a bloody good film! 



We saw it in 3D and all I can say about that is…3D zombies…wowzers!! There was one point early on in the film where I jumped like I’ve never jumped before as a big scary 3D zombie suddenly popped up in front of me, and I do not usually scare easily! 



The film was tense from the start and had a bit of a nail biting edge to it all the way through, the ending was a bit predictable and sentimental for my liking, I know I’m awful but I love miserable, depressing, unhappy endings (my all time fave film is ‘Requiem For a Dream).

Anyway if you like a bit of zombie action or a bit of Brad Pitt or just a good, jumpy story go see it! 

In very brief other news, I shed a few tears when Andy Murray won the tennis this afternoon, I’m so happy that he won, he always seems so very serious and he’s such a nice guy…I hope he lightens up a bit and enjoys his moment of glory! 


Until next time 

Em xx

Who, What, Where, Why…


Hello and welcome to my nice shiny new blog.

A new blog to keep a record of some of the huge changes I want to make in my life…starting tomorrow! 

Just a quick introduction, then I’ll get on with the changes.

Anyways I’m Emma, I live near to Barnsley in lovely South Yorkshire.



I live with my partner Scott and two of my three daughters, Kia and Evangeline as well as two cats, Coco and Deathwing and our little dog Indy.

I’m a world class procrastinator but am seriously trying to to actually ‘get things done’ now! 

Anyway, as I was saying before I’ve come to a point in my life where I want to make some pretty serious changes, these are…

1. Homeschooling my 11 year old Daughter Evie.

Evangeline ‘Evie’ Sheldon

2. Making mine and my family’s diet super healthy and getting us out and exercising more as.    a family.

Healthy Salad, Yummy!

3. Finding a way to earn money without getting a job, in other words get my crochet sold on Etsy, Folksy, EBay etc.

Crochet Bunting.

4. Learn to live frugally, we waste so much food by buying it and letting it go out of date etc, I buy loads of things that I really don’t need or even ever use! 

Upcycled Yarn Made From Old T-Shirts.

5. Get some actually money saved instead of just wishing we had savings and hoping we’ll win the lottery! 

6. (This is big one, the one I’m dreading the most) Get my super chaotic messy house organised into a thing of clockwork-like organisation and beauty EEEEK! 

I really hope you’ll join me on my journey of change, I’m hoping, tidying up aside it will be loads of fun! 

See you soon.

Em x