The Romans Are Coming


The new exhibition and theme at Experience Barnsley is ‘The Romans Are Coming’ which ties in very nicely with our current topic in history…The Romans! 

So yesterday we went to see Roman soldiers practising drilling and military manoeuvres outside Barnsley town hall.

There were displays too of weaponry, items that the soldiers would carry in their backpacks and medical equipment and plenty of Roman soldiers on and to explain what everything was.

Evie and Hermione were particularly fascinated by the a Roman take on toilet paper! A vinegar soaked sponge on a stick!



Since starting to write this post we’ve been back to Experience Barnsley for more Roman fun…making cornus from hose pipe and funnels! It was noisy but the girls enjoyed it, me and my Mum escaped to the cafe for a coffee and sneaky bag of crisps! 

I didn’t know really until today what a cornu was, it’s an ancient instrument about 3 metres long in the shape of a G, braced by a crossbar…to stiffen the structure and for the player to support its weight and size! The one we saw was very impressive looking! 


I really need to blog more often, we’ve had so much happen recently that’s interesting and good fun so I’ll try harder! 

On a very quick and positive ending note note, the local education authority home education assessor visited us and seemed more than happy with Evie’s progress so far! 

We’ve not actually had his report in the posts, but as he said ‘see you in a year’ I’m taking it as a good sign! 

Em x 

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